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tl;dr: Does anyone know if the Scurion cable connector can be bought in the UK without getting it from Rolf with €20 postage cost?

I had the misfortune of killing my Scurion basic battery case on the last digging trip, and am now contemplating what to do about it. I've never really liked the 4 cell dive module (for my purpose), if one of the 18650s in there kicks it it's a pain to replace, so wiring the plastic case to connect speleo or homemade cells has always been on the cards.

The plastic replacement case is £50, the Speleo aluminium one €150 plus €20 postage. Ouch. Never been a big fan of the heavy box with 4 cells, and I'm now contemplating making 2 cell packs to bungee cord to the back of my helmet. Problem is, I'd need connectors, ideally waterproof.
If I cannot source one compatible with the original Scurion connectors, the other alternative is to change the connector system (i.e. take the old ones off). Custom duo sells one for £4, other than that google hasn't spat out anything too useful. Maybe because I'm looking for the wrong thing, but the available connectors are all huge (~15mm) where the original Scurion one is 9mm.

Has anyone fettled around with this?

PS: I should say that the case has had a hard life in the last 7 years, so in the long term investing in a Scurion pays off. Doesn't change the fact that I can't currently afford to blow £150 or so on a battery case.

Are you referring to the red two pin connectors?

Benji (BenFool on here) is the go-to Scurion Technician in the UK and has sourced various Scurion connectors and knick-knacks from old condemned units for me in the past. I'd have a chat with him and he might have the parts you need to carry out your Ultralight Scurion project (an oxymoron if ever I saw one!)

Holy shit, UKC works fast.

No, I don't mean the internal red ones but this one:
Hmh, there should have been a hyperlink in my first post, but think I messed up the BBCode.

Not sure why I didn't think of that, Ben Wrong should be the right man ;D If it works I'll just have to do some other form of neck exercise, can't do with loosing that Scution neck.

If your not diving then this looks like a cheap simple solution for batteries...


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