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Cap'n Chris:

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--- Quote from: ditzy on December 25, 2020, 12:46:21 pm ---Let's hope 2021 is a better year for all  :)

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Better? Could it possibly be any worse?   :o

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By a huge margin, yes. UN have already forewarned of ~200+m suffering starvation/famines from the economic knock-on effects, the latter still having to kick in with a vengeance in 1st world countries, as well as everywhere else. 15% of the world's economy/jobs is international tourism and that's not returning anytime soon, if at all. etc. etc. I anticipate 2021 being significantly worse than this year. Governments have no published exit plans; there doesn't appear to be much of a plan other than continuing to scare people to a level where suicide is shockingly commonplace. The lag effect means no-one noticed and continues to think everything's OK when it most certainly isn't. "Free money" isn't free - we've all been given something in the order of a £16K debt, and counting. The Global depression commences in 2021 and will continue probably to 2023. Wildly negative prognostications suggested 50-70 years of austerity but it probably won't be quite that bad. Shutting down economies kills people.


I fear that you may be right.

While the restrictions may ease over the course of the year, the impact of the lockdown will be felt for very much longer and the mental health problems will continue as long as the recession and does. Before lockdown, I could happily say that I didn't know anyone who had committed suicide...

There are lots of public information requests floating around the internet where people have written to their local health authority and requested the number of deaths with the sole cause as Covid, the numbers across the UK are very very low. I'm yet to see one with more than 100 deaths with covid as the sole cause since March begging the question what the real cause of the pandemic is, so far we are all victims.

Whether you agree with the route the government has taken or not everyone wants the same thing really and that is an end to the situation, some believe that wearing masks, strict adherence to rules, mass testing is the way out, some believe otherwise

I think Cap'n Chris is probably correct.  Looks like a fair number of us in my department are now looking at 100% free time early next year.  The real knock on effects both economically and health wise are probably immense.
It would be nice to have some accuracy and detailed factual transparency instead of the continual project fear spread by the media to pep up their viewing figures.


--- Quote --- I'm yet to see one with more than 100 deaths with covid as the sole cause since March
--- End quote ---

This is a dangerous distortion of the statistics that downplay the seriousness of the pandemic.  No, it doesn't beg[raise] the question of what is causing the pandemic, in the UK almost 10% of known cases have had the virus sequenced (which allowed the new variant to be described and tracked). COVID is real and is killing people.



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