Author Topic: Are cavers cool?  (Read 27 times)

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Are cavers cool?
« on: Today at 02:36:30 pm »
I'm just back home from delivering a caving talk. At the end of the session (which incidentally went down very well with the audience) I was asked numerous questions, one of which was the most asked question on my YouTube channel, "Why do you do it?" I gave my usual answer which centres around the amazing adventures to be had, the beauty of the underground world, insatiable curiosity and true exploration, but just as I was finishing my phone vibrated and a YouTube comment appeared on the screen. I just had to read it out to the audience.

People who do this are unbelievably stupid. There’s plenty of caves that are large enough to walk in and not go too far. Why would you crawl though tight spaces like this when your just surrounded by mud and rock. They think it looks cool. Whilst other people think they look like idiots.

So now we all know, we are not cool, we are unbelievably stupid:-\

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Re: Are cavers cool?
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Re: Are cavers cool?
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Yep, to be fair thats a pretty reasonable assessment  :-\  :lol: