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March 23, 2020, 10:45:19 am by Pegasus | Views: 3593 | Comments: 51


The forum is really busy at the moment and we hope providing lots of entertainment during these difficult times.

Here at UKC HQ we've decided to run some competitions....

This photo (and many similar) was doing the rounds on social media and we'd like to see a caving equivalent!
(Photos to be taken in your house, garden or garage etc)

(Photo credit 'Climbers in quarantine' 📸 Zofia Gierczyk & Bartosz OkrasiƄski Climbing pr0n facebook page)

Post your entry on this thread - photo or video.

(How to post photos is here:

Winner to be chosen by YOU - the most number of likes by the closing date - 10pm, Sunday 5th April.

So, go get your caving kit on, the camera out and try not to get the house too muddy or broken - GOOD LUCK ;D
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