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November 13, 2019, 10:54:32 am by Pegasus | Views: 149 | Comments: 0


Fenix headlight                                                        Inglesport Krabs

Warmbac tackle sack                       CT Chest ascender

I try my best to follow up on where the many prizes go and have recently been sent a wide range of photos - thanks All  :thumbsup:

Climbing Technology, Fenix, Inglesport, Rab and Warmbac have all recently offered some excellent prizes to UKC - thank you for supporting caving and I hope all the winners enjoy their prizes!

If you won the second Rab sleeping bag or the Inglesport boxes - please do send me a photo, to those of you who won tickets to the Underground Session at Kendal (THIS FRIDAY!!) I'll be there with my camera!!  ;D

I'm planning a few more competitions over Winter so keep an eye out  ;D
November 12, 2019, 12:59:23 pm by CavefestUK | Views: 151 | Comments: 0

The CavefestUK 2020 calendar is now on sale.

All the details you need are on our website homepage, including a sneak preview of some of the photographs.
Please follow the link to order yours now.

50% of profits are being donated to Mendip Cave Rescue

November 03, 2019, 09:12:16 pm by Pegasus | Views: 1139 | Comments: 16

Friday 15 November 2019 at 20:00 - 22:30

Kendal Town Hall


Curated and presented by UKCaving, the event features speakers and films you’re unlikely to see anywhere else! Including Richard 'Roo' Walters, a Londoner with a lifetime of caving stories and who has become, "a bit of an expert" on 3D cave surveying. Roo was recently asked to scan Tham Luang Cave, Thailand, from where 12 boys and their coach were spectacularly rescued, to illustrate a film for National Geographic, and found out a few things that are not in the mainstream story...


For half a century a team of (mainly) British explorers have been pushing deep, hard caves below the Dachstein Massif of the Austrian Alps.  Twice per year (both winter & summer), their labours have continued without a break.  Finally this monumental effort has paid off in grand style with the discovery of one of the deepest & longest caves in the world: the 1.56km deep & 113km long WUG-Hirlatzhöhle system.  Joel Corrigan, the project organiser for the last twenty years, relates the trials & tribulations of what has been one of the most daunting caving expeditions of all time.


What is it to be a caver, what is the point? What is it that attracts us to give up our spare time, spend all our money, compromise relationships and wrestle with employers to pursue this activity. Roo,  through illustrating his various adventures over the last forty years hopes to illustrate why this consuming passion drives us all forward and in doing so will show the audience just some of the most spectacular places on the planet. In doing so, he will reveal some of our methods, results and how technology has always and continues to influence and open up new avenues for caving and cave exploration. Bio. Roo Walters has been caving since he was seventeen, when he arrived by motorbike from London, in the Yorkshire Dales to go caving with people he'd never met, at a place he'd never heard of, who spoke with an accent he'd never listened to. All on the basis of a posted invitation to join a trip down Sunset Pot, arising from a naive enquiry about learning more about potholing sent to Sid Perou, the producer of a recent BBC series on caving called Beneath the Pennines. Forty years later, he is still friends and still caves with people he met on that curious day, though growing up in London he is still yet to understand much of what they say. He has a life of stories, adventures and fun - to illustrate the lure of caving and hopefully encourage a few more of the audience to give it a go. He has become a 'bit of an expert at 3D cave surveying and was recently asked to scan Tham Luang Cave, Thailand, from where 12 boys and their coach were spectacularly rescued, to illustrate a film for National Geographic. In doing so he found out a few things that are not in the mainstream story........


James Roddie is a caver, climber and a professional photographer. He's also a 30 year old man with an eating disorder. After the death of his father, James deals with it the best way he knows how - heading underground with his camera. Delving into his story, James candidly explores why caving, adventure, and mental health are so intricately tied together.

Mike Webster is a Scottish filmmaker, and has been making films since he left school... and as a DoP, in pretty much every genre.
In recent years he has found a love for stories in the exploration and adventure world, and has really started to focus on directing and what we can take away from the real life stories around us.

  :bounce: Book your tickets here:

The whole 'Kendal Mountain Festival is well worth a visit if you haven't been previously, here's the trailer for some inspiration:

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