ever visited Quarrydean Farm Quarries(entrances no4&2)via Wcms as scouts?

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we are trying to ascertain the past popularity of our quarries for an upcoming book and get an idea of how many people and groups visited before we had to close the entrances. Sadly,some of those running such trips did not have the owners permissions to enter the quarries. Hence the current ban. Nevertheless, the owners are generally PRO- scouts and would be interested to hear of your experiences, when visited, by whom organised etc.

This thread may require locking, not sure? I'm not familiar with the location, but believe the subject is inflammatory.

Please find out which if anything?

Not sure why this one has raised it's ugly head again, this was a long running saga between Peter Burgess and a poster called Hole in the Rock back from March 2006. I think Hole in the Rock was either an agent or the actual owner of whole or part of the mine who seemed to have a dispute with the WCMS and had prohibited their entry to Quarrydean Farm Quarries, and was asking similar questions to the above one. It was one of those, get your popcorn, sit back and watch type threads!

Cap'n Chris:

--- Quote from: zomjon on September 11, 2017, 11:13:10 pm ---It was one of those, get your popcorn, sit back and watch type threads!

--- End quote ---

Don't hold your breath. The days of two-sided threads are long gone, like the contributors.

Lovely. I'll get my popcorn.


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