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Does anyone else find that wool socks in wellies migrate down and bunch up under your feet? This is a minor irritation normally but if you're carrying a 50 kg rucsack, which is difficult to take off and on, it becomes quite a problem.

Anyone know any easy solutions? (Wearing two pairs of socks rather than just one seems to help but isn't 100% successful.)

Here you go:

I didn't think "Home of the elegant gentleman" websites were intended fior scruffy potholers like me!  :lol:

It could be a whole new market for them. Elegant double breasted oversuits in a narrow pin stripe. Wellington boot polish. Cravats instead of buffs for neck warmth. Cuff links to stop water running down your arms on wet climbs.

This tends to happen to me when I'm wearing the wrong size shoe - something about the movement of my foot in the shoe seems to cause the problem. Could you wear a low profile insole in your wellie? There's some discussion of the problem on The Great Outdoors StackExchange (a good resource for this type of question).


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