Sock sag question

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I get the same problem with unlined wellies which are probably the best for caving. A loose wellie liner sock seems to solve the problem for me.

Elastic garters , never had a problem worn them for years .Make your own or
buy football sock garters  :)

Everyday problem for me as I wear my wellies all the time. Tuck your trouser legs in the socks. It works well for me as long as the socks are not too long. Nothing worse than socks “going to sleep” in your wellies.

fortunately this is a problem that seems not to effect me, although saying that dunlop wellies are so tight around my legs not sure the socks have room to fall down, which is great whilst caving in wellies, not great when I am trying to get them off when changing.

Splash out on some Sealskinz.  They are not cheap but they last a long time and I have been wearing them in walking boots with no other socks for years and seem to avoid blisters. I have on occasion worn them caving but they will get soggy in a wet cave.  Her is a link:


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