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Hi all,
I have been contacted in my role with BCA by a lady who has an 8 year old daughter who is mad about all things underground.
She is looking caving club in the Peak area they can both join to get caving!
They live on the East side of the Peak.
Any caving clubs that currently have a number of children involved or are very child friendly?
Let me have your recommendations please and I will pass them on!

(I have already pointed her at new to caving.com and mentioned commercial caving as a good route to have a go and work out if it is an adventure they want to pursue further)

Jenny P:
It is possible for under 16's to join a caving club but ONLY if their parent or guardian accompanies them on every caving trip.  This means that any club which is willing to take children under 16 caving has to ensure that the parent or guardian of the child is sufficiently competent to accompany a caving trip led by more experienced cavers.  This does create problems for a child whose parents are not interested in caving themselves.  BCA has a Child Protection Officer who can advise further on this.

Note that it is different for Local Authority or commercial outdoor adventure centres which have qualified staff and child protection precautions in place - they can take children caving.  The Peak Instructed Caving Afilliation (PICA) may be able to offer help or advice.

If Katie PM's me I can provide information about a club which may be able to help, given the limitations above.

Thanks Jenny, I will pm you!
I have already advised her that if she goes down the caving club route she will need to be happy to cave with her daughter.

HiKatie and Jenny,

I’m currently out and so cannot respond fully, however the information Jenny has posted is just not correct. I will respond in full tomorrow with more accurate information in line with the BCAs safeguarding guidelines.

BCA Youth&Development officer

Jenny P:
If Josh has updated information I would like to see it because that's what my club has been working to and we were under the impression that it complied with the BCXA Safeguarding Guidelines.  I know it's a problem and we are doing our best to ensure that youngsters can go caving safely.

BCA does have a Child Protection Officer so I will also contact him for his take on thsi issue.  Presumably the Safeguarding Guidelines will be on the BCA website?


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