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Hi all,

We are about to do a survey, and I'd like recommendations for a good program to use. I know everyone would recommend their favourite, but  I have a few criteria to help get the best advice:-

Must be Windows/PC based
Does not have to be "free", we will buy one if that is better
Would be nice to produce some fancy 3D pretty pictures
We don't want anything too fancy, we will be doing very simple center line measurements
Must be suitable for lazy people who are cr*p at surveying

Recommendations/experience invited...


Andy Foster

ian mckenzie:
On Station.

Yup - I'd have said Onstation. Not really used it but most people I know who've done any surveying and have transfered it onto pc have used Onstation.

Having said that, John Beck, Peak District surveying Guru uses AutoCAD. Which I have used during my engineering days. Very powerful CAD package which takes some time getting your head round.

Dave H:
Support you local guys!
Survex is free and cross platform and relatively easy to use.
Wookie and Ollie have been working on it for years and the rest of the Cave Surveying Group get to have a say in its future direction every so often.

--- Quote ---John Beck, Peak District surveying Guru uses AutoCAD
--- End quote ---

Oh, if only I had enough money to buy it ...

To add to DaveH's post - website is at ....


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