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Stuart Anderson:
bad pun im sorry. anyone used/bought one of those pendle outdoor gear suits. they seem quite cheap but whats the quality like?

nah - I just use a warmbac oversuit (blue red things) really tough for diggin and that - tend to lose their waterproofness quite quickley if used for diggin. Ive heard that those yellow vinyl suits that are very popular (TSA :?:  or petzl) are not being manufactured anymore since which seems a shame.

Right - Ill be back on next week since Im off snowboarding for a week (as is blubba)

May send a message from france if there is internet access around

Au revoir  :D

With regard to the TSA/Petzl Styx suits- it would appear that Petzl have managed to resource the yellow PVC fabric and are getting them back in stock later this month...

Have you also seen the rather cheap Beaver suits, looks like £40 from Bernies, and have neoprene cuffs etc, although the fabric doesn't look such a high denier as the Warmbac ones. Still, for half the price, if it doesn't last as long who cares?

I've recently got a £40 Beaver suit and it is torn across the seam at the back on about it's fifth outing!
Steve at Bernies said they'd try to fix it for me, but I'm still thinking Warmbac/Petzl/Daleswear for me next time.

Hmm, doesn't sound good that. I'd expect a refund / replacement as the kit is obviously not up to the job. Even a cheap suit in my opinion should be resilient enough to take a moderate amount of caving, otherwise what a pain in the arse!

My Warmbac suit has been caving in Derbyshire on average twice and somtimes 3 times a week for the past 12 months, and done a lot of digging, and is still going strong. A couple of holes have worn in at the rub points, and the cordura is obviously getting a touch thin, but it's still going well.

I wouldn't want the hassle of a: having to return a suit to a shop, whether I posted or delivered it and b: having to go without a suit while they fix it!

Get a refund, if you can.....


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