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I'm looking into buying a new tackle bag, one of the ones I have from a few years back is on its last legs - can't remember where I got it from - no make marked on it, anyway.. I do have another bag at present which I picked up from Bernies which seems ok and seems to be surviving well and was reasonably priced, but I just wondered if anyone had any opinions/experience of other bags out there??

Preferably the new bag needs to be reasonably cheap and obviously fairly durable, any suggestions welcome!

Dunc  :)

Huw Groucutt:
the best tackle sack is without doubt the 'penetrator' made by speoleolabs (, unfortunatly not in mass production! Damn sexy though!

Failing that Dragon bags are good, in a whole range of sizes, durable and cheap. I personally use a 'Darren' sack, which is good. Infact getting a new one for christmas!!


If you can't get to Dragon shop (in South Wales) you can buy them from hitch and hike, dont try buying from dragon website its about 15 years out of date!

Defianatley Dragon Bags.

I've had various bags over the last 3 years - and the ones that are still going are the two dragon bags. - the daleswear ones are cheaper, they do the job, but just dont seem to be durable.

The dragon ones have replaceable straps too, in case you snap them.

Be warned though, they have just changed the webbing and buckles on the dragon stuff. the webbing is thinner, as is the drawcord, plus the buckles are metal.
Impressed with my two older ones - I bought a couple more, avec new buckles. One trip and metal buckle had cut through the thinner webbing, and the drawcord snapped - ONE TRIP!!

I spoke to Dudley from dragon about this at hidden earth and he was obviously concerned. His supplier for the webbing has changed, but he has sent me some new webbing from a different supplier to try and that seems to be holding up better. I still think the old plastic buckles were better (more tricky to slide and hence the reason for changing them, though I'd rather have sticky buckles that sharp ones that saw through the webbing.)

I noticed hnh still had some of the old style in, so get em while you can.  :wink:

Cheers guys, will look into the Dragon bags..

I use a Vantage 200T Tackle Bag (34L), brought from Caving Supplies (Buxton) for £21.40, which holds 200m of 10mm rope and has loops for equipment (ie MR's, Krabs etc), drain holes and is constructed from reinforced PVC. Very tough bag.


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