The New Fenix HM70R Headlamp


Caver Keith:
I've just got my hands on the new Fenix HM70R headlamp. My first impressions are very favourable. The 1600 lumen turbo mode is very impressive. Have a little look and I'm sure you will agree.

Is this one you've been sent for free in promise of a review? Or are you on commission...  ;)

I do like the video and the specs look good, what price range are we looking at here?

Caver Keith:
I've been asked for my opinion but no pressure to review.
It's priced at just under £100.

Ian Adams:

We have a supply of them in the club.

You would be forgiven for not knowing since our stores system is somewhat awry (well, I say that, but I really mean "absent")




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