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Just washed all my kit - having found it in a right state lastnight outside odin mine - all the krabs were getting a bit white powdery (i assume thats some sort of rust) and the gates have begun sticking open (not good on your cowstails)

So does anyone use WD40 on their krabs/jammers/stop etc. What affects does it have on static rope.

any ideas :?:

I've been using it on things like my D-ring and screw threads of krabs for years without any ill effects. I've always been a bit shy of letting it near my stop though - I'm not sure whether I've got an overactive imagination or not, but I just have a picture of whizzing at breakneck speed down a well-oiled rope  :shock: .


Neil B:
I wouldn't use WD40 as it's more of a water-displacer than a lubricant and leaves behind a residue which could in fact worsen the sticking problem. Better to just give your krabs, etc a good clean with plain water, leave to dry and then use a heavier, viscous oil (like the sort of stuff you'd use to lubricate a cycle chain) to lubricate them.

I used to use wd40 but then read somewhere it leaves a sticky residue, so I switched to 3in1 oil which turned out to do a far better job imo.

Cheers guys - done some research on the web too, and almost all sites say that oil doesnt degrade ropes so Im happy. infact of all the things they've tested (that are likely to come into contact with rope), only battery acid and Piss seem to be the ones to watch.

Ive got some 3in1 in a small oiliing can (sewing machines) so I'll use that.


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