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Holmebank Chert Mine Access
« on: May 04, 2021, 07:00:49 pm »
This is just a quick post to remind people that access to Holmebank Chert Mine must be arranged in advance with the Architect's firm adjacent to the site. It appears that some from our community have decided that permission does not need to be gained and this has started to develop into a problem that might reflect badly on cavers. There have always been non-cavers visiting with no permission (which is an ongoing issue), but this is cavers who should know better.
In short, contact the firm by email in advance please. The access details are shown on the Peak District Caving Info website and have not changed for years:

Access is currently closed due to Covid anyway. Admittedly the PDCi website did not show that info, but if visitors had contacted them in advance they would have been told that was the case. A vulnerable person is living in a caravan in the yard. Please contact Oldfield Architects before your trip and do not just turn up, Joe has been fantastic with cavers in the past and we absolutely must follow the agreed process and respect the current closure.

The DCA Team
Derbyshire Caving Association


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