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Ian Cummins

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With great sadness and regret, I would like to let the wider caving community know of the sudden death earlier today of Ian Cummins.

Once available further details of arrangements will be posted here.


Chris C

Ian Ball:
oh my what unwelcome news.

King Pot by Simon Beck 

One of my favourite trip reports on the forum features Simon and Ian in a East Kingsdale classic.

I have only met Ian a handful of times, but on every occasion I found him to be a great guy to listen to. Whether you spent one minute with Ian or one day, you immediately got a sense of passionate exploration.

A real inspiration.

I met Ian for the first time on Saturday when I went for a couple of dives with him in Capenwray to try out a new drysuit. I found him a proper character and a pleasure to be around - his passion for British caving and exploration was obvious. I was very much looking forward to spending more time with him and getting to know him. My thoughts are with his wife and friends.

Bad week for Northern caving :(

I met Ian only once, but immediately took a liking to him. We started to correspond regularly on his exploits in langstrothdale and many other areas. Exchanging info on Coverdale caves and diving. His enthusiasm was infectious. He will be sadly missed.

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