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Hoosletter March 2021


Sean the Miner:
Gday y'all
heres the most latest newsletter from Irelands only caving hut.(see PDF file link at the bottom of this message)  every so often a wee newsletter is published by myself the Warden of the Hoo. Sorry for lack of human interest stories or cave stories for that matter, but the place has been in lockdown since all this coviddy stuff cropped up. anyway for nosey people it may give a indication of what Irelands cavers hut is about.....
anyone interested in using the Hoo give me shout on thehooscavershut@gmail.com or follow us on facepuke on https://www.facebook.com/thehoocavershouse/posts/2883141498625742/?ref=notif

Sean the Miner:
the gmail address in reality is....


goes to show how often i check it.

On my one and only visit to Northern Ireland so far I remember walking past the Hoo and thinking it was a derelict farmhouse except for some elements suggesting it might be a caving hut. It was only later I realised this was the legendary Aghnahoo field hut. Is this ad anything to do with it? https://www.gordonrobinsonproperty.com/siteaghnahoo-marlbank-florencecourt/16913 or an opportunity for a wealthy caver to build a pied a terre!

Sean the Miner:
phew , i thought a moment there the landlord was gone selling. no that site is not the hoo. Agnahoo is the townland.

ey, the outlying sheds of the hoo usually house caving detris . we tidied one up a few years ah go and had  proper archeological stratigraphy of cow shite and evolution of caving gear. starting off with hob nailled boots, carbide, home made wetsuits, oldham batteries, up to stuff from the 90s. That particular shed yielded 40 quid in scrap.


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