devon & cornwall


Stuart Anderson:
wot no posts? in reverence to it being over a year since the start of the forum, should we retire it for posterity & have a devon & cornwall 2 page. it seems a pity to sully it with posts. are there any other web based examples of unloved bb's?

It's not surprising really....have you ever caved in Devon...??!!!!

Stuart Anderson:
is it in yorkshire mark??  :D

no. my fooloish friends want to go, it's where one of them started caving. but i don't think it's any coincidence that she now lives in sheffield and caves in yorkshire!

Well my only foray into Devon caves (Dogholes and Pridhamsleigh) was hardly eventful - and I had the added embarrassment that I'd forgotton my oversuit so had to do with my best Goretex! :shock:  :cry:  - its never been the same since!! I don't think I'll be back....


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