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Hi all,

Been a while since I've posted here, but I do lurk! Looking for some advice...

I'm a first-time buyer and I'm in the process of getting my place out in the Mendips nice and close to the caves! I'm going through a mortgage broker and have the mortgage offer in place. Now onto the insurance, I answered all the questions honestly and said I was into caving, diving and rock climbing (not at the same time), which they call 'extreme sports' (a term I loathe for these activities). I was originally quoted £11 for the insurance, which seemed perfectly reasonable. Once they got into the details about my activities they've stuck on a £17.50 premium onto the quote, specifically because of the caving, and it's a non-standard policy, so no insurance payouts will be made if the injury is sustained while caving (which makes me wonder why there's a premium if the premium doesn't account for the added 'risk' for caving).

I just cave a few times a month, exclusively in the UK. I estimated 60 trips/year. I don't cave dive or do anything 'extreme' - just do it for fun and fitness. 

Have other home owners experienced this? £28.50/month (Royal London) seems wildly excessive - it's as much as my car insurance. I tried pointing out that the most dangerous activity I do is cycling in Bristol, but that didn't work, neither did pointing out that the London Marathon has more injuries and fatalities than caving over the past couple of decades.

I note there's another thread on a similar topic, which I've read through and found useful (particularly this link, but I'd just be interested to know about insurance specifically for acquiring a mortgage. What sort of sum of money should I expect to pay (am I getting myself worked up about my current quote)? And are there insurance providers out there that I should look at who are a bit more reasonable?

Cheers all,


Sorry to ask but for clarity - what sort of insurance are you looking to buy? Or, what are they trying to sell you?
Life, PA or just building and contents?

It sounds like you are looking for life insurance?

I don't think that this is a normal requirement for buying a house, Buildings insurance yes, but not usually life.

It could just be up-selling by the broker, although it is a good idea if you have family. Ask if it is a requirement if you don't think you need it.

When we bought our house I called around for life insurance and got fed up with banging my head against a wall. I even had a company saying that they would fully cover all caving activities but not potholing!!!  :wall: :wall: :wall: Others just added ridiculous premiums and caveats.

I asked on here and someone suggested that I called these guys:

I can't remember the name of the guy I talked to, but he was a caver and got us a deal which we were happy with. It is not the cheapest - somewhere around £20, but it does actually covers us for our activities and also critical illness.

Good luck!

Contents only for a one bed flat on Admiral, I'm paying £53.82 per year. but I've ramped down a lot of the cover.

So reasons why mine is probably so low:
* Low value of cover
* Single person
* Not in a flood prone area
* good neighbourhood
* Contents only

If all of these things were different, i'm sure you could double or treble my figure (which would give me a figure half of yours?).

Life insurance is a common requirement for borrowing large sums. The lender can't make it a condition of the loan that you buy your insurance from them, but they can make it a condition that you have adequate cover from somewhere.

As recommended, talk to Summit Financial Services.

Be aware that BCA gets small donation when Summit sell a policy to a caver.


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