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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has any info regarding current access arrangements to Greenside Mine (Glenridding)? I've e-mailed CATMHS but haven't had a response yet.

Anna  :beer2:

You will have to stick with going through CAT as the mine is securely locked and only they and CUMRU have keys.

Pete K:
I imagine their meets programme is somewhat curtailed due to Covid-19, I don't recall receiving any emails from them recently. It's certainly worth the wait for a trip whenever things get going again, but being a leader led one, it might not be on for a little while yet.

There’s a CATMHS meet today (Sunday) at Greenside today for a surface walk. No plans for underground meets just yet.

Bit late to the thread! Having been a mothballed topic for about a year. I was told today by family members that they spotted a mine up there. So had to have a search when back at home and found out they were talking of Greenside.

Is it any good? Looks big?


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