Author Topic: The Grand Prize 2017 - it's here!  (Read 502 times)

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The Grand Prize 2017 - it's here!
« on: November 14, 2017, 08:54:25 pm »
The £1,000+ CHECC Grand Prize is here!!

:thumbsup: With thanks to Buff, Warmbac, Fenix and Spanset and all the advertisers who support UKC (CAN, Inglesport, Starless River and Spanset  :thumbsup:) the £1,000+ Grand Prize is here!!

If you are a student caver and your club is attending CHECC please let your club know about the competition - you'll be at a disadvantage if you only decide to enter once you arrive  :o

If you know any student cavers or would like to support student caving in general (read this thread to see the importance CHECC clubs play in introducing new cavers to our sport, it's an eye opener), please share the post I've recently put on our UKC facebook page or retweet the tweet or just do things the old fashioned way and speak to folks  ;D, thank you  :thumbsup:

For full competition details: