Insurance that covers pre-existing conditions


I haven't been able to find insurance that covers me for caving and general medical cover (for caving on holiday rather than expeditions) that doesn't exclude pre-existing conditions. So far I've accepted that Snowcard covers me for everything except asthma, and relied on EHIC to fill the gap. Obviously, after the end of this month, that's no longer an option. A lot of insurers appear to cover asthma but then it turns out that taking 3+ medications is a no-no, as is seeing a consultant/attending A&E in the past 12 months. In a nutshell, outdoor activity insurers run a mile when they see my medical history and normal insurers run a mile when they hear about caving.
Does anyone here know of an insurance company who might be willing to cover me?

No personal recommendations (I use Snowcard and have no pre-existing conditions), but this link might help:

Thanks, that's really helpful. Out of the 40 companies on the website, only 3 were willing to insure me and only one is willing to cover caving. But one is all I need! It's insure&escape, if anyone else has similar needs.

I've always searched the other way round, starting with cover for caving, then seeing who will cover medical issues. It never occurred to me to try reversing the process. I'm assuming I'll still have to get snowcard as well in case of accident, but I can live with that.

PM sent.


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