SRT kit renewal

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Martin Wright:
Give Tony at Starless River a call. He is friendly and helpful and will give good advice, even if you can't meet up in person. In case you are unaware, he frequently visits all the caving areas with his van (aka Tardis), and his website will tell you where and when. You don't need to go to Yorkshire.

Ian Ball:
I don't know Devon and Cornish mine exploration, what's the usual depth of ropework you'd be looking at?

I would say that cheapest wins if there's a chance of contamination from Cornish radioactive sea water ;-)


--- Quote from: twiglet on May 12, 2021, 12:44:26 pm ---I am in Cornwall (mine explorer) so a trip to Yorkshire to try on kit is probably not on the cards at the moment  :(

--- End quote ---

Simon Mullens of ISCA Outdoors let me visit his stores near Exeter to try on kit - might be worth giving him a shout?

I am also tall and skinny (and in Cornwall), and get on with the AV Spelshoulder Pro and the Petzl Fractio.


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