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Stuart Anderson:
anybody use/d one? know where to buy/try?


What is a "Bat Brake"?

Stuart Anderson:
its like a 3 hole belay plate that turns the rope round a krab in the fashion of an italian but without some of the drawbacks. its in some book somewhere i read.

Huw Groucutt:
Its a crap descender they use in Australia which makes passing rebelays a nightmare...not quite sure why as i have never used one, think its something to do with the fact that it uses a lot of rope.

The bat brake is a bit of metal that you clip onto a crab and run the rope through it in such a way that it works like an italian hitch.  Everytime you want to change the way that you are moving the rope through it the bat brake spins around the end of the crab.  This means that it'll more than likely get stuck,  well mine does anyway.  I'll let you have it for a couple of quid and the postage!  I bought mine through the post from Eldelrid for about a fiver


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