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Hurtle Pot no.2 7/5/17

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Looks like the good weather brings all UKMC guys to Hurtle Pot ;) finally meet Tim Cutter . Massive thanks for John Duxbury for the two day's diving Saturday we dived with 2 stage to Jingle pot and come back to dive Base drop a stage and carry on to Downstream get on other 150mt on the main line also replaced the line 15mt for blue poly rope ;) as we had repaired last time but we had only 2mm white cave line only  .... wich give us a total 3hrs dive time that's including some surfacing in to two air bells . I got some photos from but I'm sure his got some more ... Sunday we did Downstream on single stage we nearly got to Midge Hole 100 min dive very pretty passages amazing formation the downstream tunnels are much more tighter than the upstream section but still get a way with stage accept the restriction have to pass stages on to lots of old stuff been washed down ... thanks again John......

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Hi guys

Well done for getting up to Jingle and almost down to Midge! When I finally managed both of those dives I was pretty chuffed with myself, although I did need to reline quite a bit of passage! Those downstream chambers are rather impressive aren't they! Please be careful in that downstream bolder choke, it moves around quite a bit and will probably one day collapse!

However...... please do not use 2mm 'cave' line in caves in the Yorkshire Dales, even temporarily, and if you do patch some line with it please remove it straight away after your dive. If you get to some broken line and have no proper line to patch it with, then please turn you dive and return later with some proper line.

Getting tangled in old line and line management more generally has been a major cause of accidents in British underwater caves and using very thin white line which easily breaks, turns brown in tannin stained water and that you cannot feel in thick neoprene gloves is asking for trouble. This is May in the Yorkshire dales when the weather can be a little unstable, what happens if there had been a storm in the intervening week and that line had got broken and washed downstream? Several times over the last 2 years I've needed to remove a mess if tech line from Hurtle and it's starting to get annoying and dangerous. Please do not do it!

Safe diving!

Ben wright
CDG Northern Section

Mr Fool, didn't a mutual friend of ours get his foot trapped under rock after it fell out of that choke onto him?!

Sounds like not-fun to me.

Didn't know about that, but its a distinct possibility! I've relined it several times after the winter floods and had to remove boulders from the choke in order to get through as they'd moved!

When I go through it I tend to make sure I've got enough gas to get all the way through to Midge in case it collapses! Although you could probably do it on a pair of 7s so its not that bad!


Yes, a mutual friend of ours did have a rock land on his foot in that choke.

He was all OK but his fin was pretty mangled.

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