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Finding little help in my club for an evening trip, I am wondering if there is any interest in someone joining me down Hull pot on Thursday at around 6:30pm to explore the passages at the bottom that are apparently un-pushed or at least rarely visited. A drought period is needed to explore it and that is what we have.

I have considered just soloing it and I may still do that, however there is a 100ft pitch and I suspect I won't be able to rig it without a drill if it's not been descended in many years. Anyone with a bolting kit want to help me? Or at least tell me what the rigging is like?

You can rig the pitch ‘en solo’ quite easily like I did back in 1985. Take a selection of slings, wires etc and don’t expect ‘dot to dot’ P-hangers. There might even be the odd old 8mm bolt. Enjoy.
Unfortunately I can’t make it due to an old age shoulder injury!

Ahh so can be rigged off naturals, okay that is sounding more do-able then. I doubt the bolts would be much good from 1985.

Just don't drop the rigging gear or the rope or your SRT gear in the canals on the way in.
Great place and as you say rarely visited - unjustly.
Huge potential.

Due to changing weather forcasts I am now going TONIGHT, if I can convince anyone to tear themselves away from the world cup.

Thanks for the info Psycocrawler. Northern caves says there is deep water, is this out of depth water? I am not a great swimmer in my caving kit.


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