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Birmingham to Glutton Bridge Derbyshire or Matlock Derbshire next week

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Could you collect a couple of books from Birmingham (getting the address now) for delivery to the British Caving Library in Glutton Brisge Derbyshire or Matlock Derbyshire sometime next week?


The package is in King's Heath
Thanks Mary

Pete K:
I'm not going anywhere near Birmingham, but I'll be in North Wales Thursday & Friday. If anyone is travelling from Brum to Betws y Coed area, pop me a message as I live in the Peak District and could run them from N Wales to Glutton Bridge next week. Probably no help, but it's another option!

I could collect them on the afternoon of Friday 28th of this month as I work in Birmingham on a Friday morning, and then deliver them to Matlock the following Friday (6th)when I am leading a trip down Devonshire, if that is soon enough?

Phizz - that sounds workable. I will check with my contact.


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