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Dales dye tracing database

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Hi Prof,

If you want a hand building a web interface for browsing the database, PM me

Prof. Warthog:
Dear snebbit
Thank you for the offer - not sure where we are going with this part of the project but will certainly keep you in mind. Over 200 traces entered so far.


--- Quote from: Graham Proudlove on November 24, 2020, 04:30:34 pm ---I am building the dye tracing database as an Excel Table which is a good way of handling quadrangular data sets. It is also very searchable and sortable. Currently it is on Onedrive. I am still thinking about the best way to share the Table and make it read-only. I will communicate this once I have sorted it out. We have one new result already submitted.

Graham Proudlove

--- End quote ---

Great to hear this has got off the ground at last. We did try a few years ago after the weekend at Balham. I have quite a few tests from various areas. Where shall I send them to.
Hugh St Lawrence has done some in Barbondale area as well

Andy Hall


--- Quote from: Prof. Warthog on November 23, 2020, 06:40:17 pm ---Please send your entries to g.proudlove[at]manchester.ac.uk  (remembering to replace [at] with @)

--- End quote ---

Graham Proudlove:
I am sure that some dye tests will have been done as part of the building of the of the eastern (Large-Rift etc etc) end of the Three Counties System. Please can we know what they are?



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