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We've run a variety of competitions during lockdown to keep cavers entertained. 
Thank you to all who have joined in so far  :thumbsup:

Hopefully, not long to go now before competitions can be about recent caving trips ;D

With Thanks to Mark Wright and the UKC competition prize bundle for the caving equipment shown:

3 XL T-shirts (black) & 1 Large patterned one.
A harness which is 2013, may be Mark can tell us more about it.
1 helmet which is ex display so has been 'used' but in great condition.
1 PIXA 2 light
1 x 15 litre tackle bag

Theme of this competition is 'Where did that cave passage/pitch name come from?'

To enter, simply post on this thread with a favourite cave passage/pitch name and the explanation behind it.

The more obscure/interesting the better.

3 entries person.  Shortlist to be chosen by me then over to

Closing date Sunday 4th April at 10pm.

Good luck!!  ;D

‘Golden Showers’ in Ogof Nant Rhin, because it quite literally ‘p*sses’ from the roof

Mark Wright:
Risky Business - Cliff Cavern (Speedwell)

Risky Business came from a Talking Heads classic, SWAMP.

I did the original traverse across the top of Cliff Cavern back in the 80’s with Andy Goddard after Pete O’Neil and Frank Brown had done the climb to the top.

It’s still one of the loosest bolt climbs I’ve ever done.

The Petzl Gym climbing harness in the prize package was manufactured in 2013 but has been stored in the dark ever since. I bought it as a spare for a charity abseil event I ran but it was never used.


Cave name rather than a pitch or passage:  A very obscure North York Moors windypit known as "Not Oxendale Windypit".

When we discovered it I wanted to call it Oxendale Windypit  (it being a windypit in Oxendale) whilst Andy Brennan didn't.  The argument ranged back and forth that night in the pub until Andy in frustration said something along the lines of "Call it what you f - ing want, just not Oxendale Windypit".  Fairly nuff I thinks and off I go to draw up the survey which comes back titled "Not Oxendale Windypit".

Noon's Hole, Co Fermanagh.

Dominic Noone's body was thrown down it in 1826 after he was murdered, he was a Crown informer.



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