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Anyone else having problems with accessing the site using Chrome?

I keep getting the Chrome warning "Connection is not private" etc and have to click the "Advanced" option to proceed (Unsafe).
Total load of tosh but a damned nuisance.

I am also getting a very slow response time. Issues started about Friday last.

I could always dump Chrome I suppose.

Roger W:
I'm using Chrome (with Windows 7), no problems so far.

I am on the I phone running as sweet as ever   ;D

Probably to do with chrome not recognising the updates to UKcaving that were done the other day. It happens on lots of smaller websites, when chrome change their requirements.

Attempting to refresh my screen to read replies I got a time out error, then the "Your connection is not private" rubbish.

Trying others, straight into aditnow (although read only), straight into Welsh Mines Society, ditto, the last being an ordinary html site. But Northern Mine same as UKC, and this site uses wordpress. Straight into CCC.
Suspect that the issue is with latest update on Chrome


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