Dentures and diving; advice sought

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I have a front upper tooth which has decided it's fed up with being in my gob and is about to fall out. The dentist has offered a denture plate or an implant. With great reluctance I decided I'd have to have an implant (Ow much?!) because of regularly breathing from demand valves whilst cave diving. (I'm concerned about the denture plate becoming dislodged during a routine or even emergency valve swap.)

I should mention I'd prefer not to have a bridge fitted, because that involves mauling the two healthy teeth either side of what'll soon become a gap.

However, a mate of mine in the CDG Northern Section who also has an upper denture plate, whose opinion I value greatly, has made me think twice. He says he used to have to take his denture plate out before diving but doesn't now because in recent years they've become so well made it's very secure and he dives with it in all the time.

This is all new territory for me, so I was wondering if any other forum members who are divers have dentures - and whether you could also advise me about the implications of diving with them?



I have a partial upper plate with my three front teeth. [Consequence of an RTA whilst a teenager]

I've done a decent amount of dives (400ish) almost all open water but fairly technical so I've had to swop regs under water. 

Always dived with my plate in and never had a problem

[If you want I could pm you with an image of my plate for comparison]

Thanks shortscotsman; that's very helpful. No need to send a picture but I've PM's you anyway.

I wouldn't dare tell you how to breathe from a reg Pitlamp, but in reality would taking a plate out and leaving a one tooth gap even matter that much when diving? It's not like you are biting onto the reg anyway?

Hiya Mr J - the problem is I'm gormless enough to lose them, or stand on them or something. So I really don't want to take them out for underwater endeavour.


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