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Cornish caves?

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Hi Folks,

I had my first caving experience last week over at Pridhamsleigh and it was awesome... I have another 6 trips booked in early next year planning to take in Prid a couple more times, Bakers Pit and Swildons.

I live in Redruth, Cornwall and I have searched various forums to find out if there's anything in my local area...

Am I right in thinking that my closest subterranean paradise is Southern Devon or are there some well kept secrets closer to home?!?

Any Info or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Coxie and welcome to the site.

Sadly, for you, the geology of Cornwall is not exactly conducive to cave formation. As you rightly say, however, there is plenty of good stuff not so far away in Devon.


--- Quote from: graham on December 16, 2008, 04:07:25 pm ---there is plenty of good stuff not so far away in Devon.

--- End quote ---

When were all these good caves discovered? Why didn't anyone tell me!? I thought that there were only 3 good ones, one of which has fluorescent lighting, wheelchair access and bear sound effects.

Although Cornwall is lacking natural caves, it is blessed with thousands of underground sites of interest in the form of the old mines. These may not be of interest to you, or again they maybe - there is a lot of common ground in the exploration of both. From my limited knowledge of the mines there, most will require the use of ropes to a greater or lesser degree, and the ability to cope with hazards like false floors, rotting timbers, bad air, etc...
Check out some of the content and pics on the mine exploration sites such as http://www.aditnow.co.uk/default.aspx or http://www.mine-explorer.co.uk/default.asp. If it is only the natural that flicks your switch, you will have to put with commuting up the A30...

Dear Noel Axle:
Christian, you have been missing out.  Get yourself a copy of Concise Caves of Devon and enjoy!



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