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Goyden Pot , Nidderdale


diggerdog adam:
Last weekend, i took a look in Goyden Pot and to my amazment found that the entrance had filled with about 3-4ft of sand and shale with the usaual trees and brances etc i know that this is a river cave (Please note the whole cave fills to the roof in bad weather) but to see how water had moved the stream bed around trully unbeliveable, there was a tide mark of about 15 ft above the entrance!  On the way back out we spotted some work had taken place in the dry river bed so maybe some of the damage had been rectifeid !

If any one has more info of even a pic of river in full flood i would love to hear

This week i have also heard of a new entrance opening up after the weekend of the storms please note i didn't see any thing when i was there so may be its a drunken tale but again id love to hear if you know any more !


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