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Merryfeild mines, heathfeild, Nidderdale

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diggerdog adam:
I am currently looking into the old mining that went on in the heathfeild areas,

If anyone has any info, old maps or surveys etc i would be most greatfull maybe some out there has some time on there hands and wants to traul through the net any help will be greatfully recived

I would also ask if any one is instreasted in taking a look please be very carefull that you dont stray from the foot paths and spoil heaps as we dont want to compromise any access in years to come.

In 1967/68 I worked in Wonderful Level.

2 of us were employed by Bewerley Mines Ltd to try and gain access to the old workings via this level,which was the lowest drainage level in the mine,because the vein was said to be "30 yds wide in places".

Due to an "unforseen event" in Jan'68,we recommenced digging out Storey Level,higher up the valley.

I became pissed off that they wouldn't let us resume the work on Wonderful Level and left after Easter '68.
I've no idea if they ever did get through into the workings.

A group that was active in the area when I was there was,IIRC,the Y U R T(Yorkshire Underground Research Team),they had a cottage,Lower Farside,behind the pub at Greenhow.
A couple of names I remember are Tony Cansell and "Chesh" Davies,Tony was a reporter with the Pateley Bridge and Nidderdale Herald.
They had a good deal of knowledge of the mines in the area.

diggerdog adam:
Fantasic, thanks for all that i might have a photo of you guys working on chimmey shaft private message your email and i will send it to ya

diggerdog adam:
Well, just read your post again, and guess what i used to work with tonys wife barbra !


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