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Reporting suspect bolt placements


Jenny P:
All regional councils and others who install P-bolts under the BCA scheme rely on people letting us know if there is a problem with any bolts so that they can be checked and, if necessary, properly tested to ensure they are OK.  However we have had a recent problem in the Peak District where the team were unable to locate the alleged suspect bolt and wasted quite a lot of time and effort checking what were subsequently found to be the wrong bolts.  In the event no problems were found with any of the bolts in the cave, which was P8.

We have also have cavers reporting suspect bolts which turned out to be not P-bolts (Eco anchors) installed by DCA but other resin-mounted bolts or even spits installed by unknown cavers.  In the interests of caver safety, DCA is quite prepared to check these as well as our own installations.

It is useful if you can identify the attachment as one of the DCA-installed anchors - all are shown in the rigging topos in the "Peak District Access and Rigging Guide" produced by DCA.  (Available for download from the DCA website or printed copy, price £3.50 incl. postage, from the DCA Secretary.)

PLEASE, if you do report a suspect anchor in the Peak District, make direct contact with the DCA Equipment Officer and be prepared to explain exactly where it is so that it can be checked efficiently and quickly.  Currently the Equipment Officer is Bob Dearman and you'll find contact details on the DCA website - in particular in all DCA Information Circulars which are on the website at www.theDCA.org.uk.

Jenny Potts,
DCA Hon. Secretary


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