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So who won the Rab sleeping bag??



Thank you to the lovely people at Rab who have given UKC a gorgeous sleeping bag as a competition prize  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Rab make great kit and Inglesport stock a wide range -

I'm so grateful to everyone who takes the times and efforts to support the UKC competitions  :hug:

Choosing the shortlist was hard - so many fab and varied entries  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:  So it's a long shortlist:

1) Duncan Price - just love this shot :)

2) Brains - want to know more about this place...

3)  Alex - has to be the most miserable camp I ever tried underground

4)  phizz4 -  Canute has nothing on us - that's the spirit  ;D

5)  maxb727 - lovely shot, lovely tale  :)

6) Wellyjen -  Crystal clear skies overhead and watching the Milky Way, shooting stars and satellites.

7)  yrammy - because I have camped in that exact same spot and brought back happy memories :)

8)   Chunky - such a handsome model on the left  ;D

9)  Badlad - yes I know he shouldn't be allowed to enter, but it's a great entry so in it goes...complain to the judge if you disagree  ;D

We found Tratmans Temple and spent several hours trying to bail a sump.  Found out years later it was the wrong sump.

10)  Henry. M  - The beautiful snow clad Dartmoor in the stunning clear moonlight did make it worth getting up at 3AM to go for a 'warm up walk'!

11) Vulcan - love this shot

12) Skulldiggery - Happy 50th!  Hard camping :)

13) frizabella97 - wouldn't we all love to be walking along that path??

over to

and the winner is....Duncan Price!!

Congratulations, Duncan - PM so we can arrange getting your prize to you  ;D

Duncan Price:


--- Quote from: Pegasus link=topic=27608.msg337937#msg337937 date=1613323910

2) Brains - want to know more about this place...

[img width=200 ---[/img]

--- End quote ---

It was taken on the coast at Heysham, and is part of the ruined medieval chapel of St Patrick.
The stone cut graves were for monks but the sea has exposed them and the contents are long gone (apart from me!)
It was a hot day walking along the coast, and was as good a place as any to have a rest. Surprisingly peaceful and not at all creepy, it was very relaxing out of the sea breeze and listening to the sea and the gulls. The attached link is centered on the graves and if you zoom out the location is clear  :),-2.904116,27m/data=!3m1!1e3

Duncan Price:
After a bit of a delay, and then me forgetting to post evidence.  I am now the proud owner of a new sleeping bag.  I look forward to being able to stay in my second home in Wales when permitted.  It has one of the best views of any caving hut as well as an extensive basement...


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