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Pinocchio Pot - Leck Fell

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Yesterday Badlad, Geoff, JJ and I rambled up to 50m deep Pinocchio Pot on Leck Fell - three years since we abandoned the dig in a low wet crawl. Simon and Di's survey placed us about 30m from the end of our other dig in Far Frink Passage in Ireby 2. We wondered how three years of rain and flood might have altered the soggy end. It is at the foot of Geppetto Pitch, 25m of clean washed shaft and shoring, that takes a healthy stream in wet weather. The final crawl was dry and a small tube about 2m long appeared below the usual waterline - we could return to dig it in fine weather - though the stacking space is all used up at the bottom. We would have to do as we used to do and haul it up into Magic Money Tree Chamber - though even that 'ballroom' of a chamber is pretty full. We have all-but shored-up and filled any stacking space. We could perhaps fill up Roo's Kitchen in the chamber - but where would we have our snap (diggers on strike)?

We left without making any commitment. I took some snaps and compared them with those we took three or four years earlier. Some interesting differences.

It also happens that Badlad included two names from the dig in the recent UKC competition about naming passages - Magic Money Tree Chamber and the Bruce Forsyth Memorial Stairway to the Stars.

So here are some snaps of the BFMSTTS - with Jackie and Mick having just completed a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers routine and of Badlad doing a solo routine yesterday; Di on Geppetto Pitch when only half dug out, and Geoff yesterday hemmed in with shoring; Simon in the final lake and Badlad gazing into a low and muddy future yesterday.

As the dig was never really concluded we didn't write it up, so some of you may be interested in this little addition to Leck Fell.



Nice work. Did you fix the scaf poles with dowels?

All the scaff was fixed in with 8mm rebar and all the boards are treated. On an early push the weight of Magic Money Tree Chamber bent a scaff pole, slowly, as we dug underneath it. A sobering sight! We backed it up - still okay!

A slight directional mistake in the above report - we dug away from Far Frink!  :-[ 

.......and we use 12mm rebar to pin the scaffold


 Wow that's some proper engineering!


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