What banks do clubs use for their current account?

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in the market for a switch from HSBC for an account. Wanted to sound out if there were any that people swear by, or just they are the closest to your house for dropping the cash.

I'm swaying towards metro bank as they look like they might be open until 6pm, which would be convenient for dropping cash after work. Some are not even accepting new applications and others shut at 4.30pm, which is about as much use a a chocolate teapot, suntan lotion at a tanning salon or taking a comb into a cave.

I’m not a club (obviously!) but I am with Metrobank. Can’t recommend them highly enough.

Open late, plus Saturdays AND Sundays, cards and cheque books (how old fashioned!) printed in store so no postal delays, free change machines in branch, an app that’s easy to use and a helpline with real people on the end.

Great service. And, no, I don’t work for them…

We are in a similar position for the Dachstein expedition; I presume you want to switch because HSBC is about to start charging £5/month...

I found this list (updated in June) but haven't had a chance to go through it yet.

Trouble with Metrobank is the lack of branches, there's one in Manchester, but none in Leeds for example. That means adding people to the account is done remotely, but they need certified copies of all documentation, which means unless you have a tame financial adviser or similar, you'll be paying £12.75 for the PO's document verifying service. Metro will accept scanned documents by email, but they don't have a secure email, so you may prefer to send things by registered post.

The have the most willing and eager to help telephone helpdesk I've ever come across.

They still issue cheque books, and cheques can be paid in via the Post Office at 60p? per cheque - but there appears to be a £60 setting up fee for this - I may have read the documentation wrongly, but as an association which gets perhaps two cheques a year, we reckoned we could manage without. If you're dropping cash, you'd probably just have to pay the fee.

If you have a "two-signatures" system, bank transfers out are secure but convoluted -  Authorised signatory 1 phones help line to say they want to pay so much to this payee, help line says "OK", and sends the request to their payment section, who then phones Authorised signatory 2 to get approval. It can't be done on-line, unless you have one-signature authorisation, which is not something you want to do as a club.

Biggest problem I have with them is that they have not yet signed up to the thing that checks that the account no and sort code match the name of the payee, so you don't have any security against paying the money to the wrong person by mistake, or more importantly any guard against push fraud.

We have the same problem too, wanting a bank that does not charge £5 a month like HSBC. Does Metrobank charge?


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