Bizarre "tourist" death in world's deepest known cave

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David Rose:
The following has just appeared on Cavers of Facebook. The translation is poor (probably by Google?) but the the story is truly bizarre:

Russian speleologists found the body of a man in the Verevkin cave in Abkhazia.
According to the suggestion of Russian speleologists who discovered a man's body in the cave of Verevkin, the tragedy could occur in summer or autumn 2020
SUHUM, Aug 4-Sputnik, Badri Esiava. Russian speleologists found the body of a man in the Verevkin cave in Abkhazia at a depth of about 1100 meters, Sputnik told a member of the board of the Union of Speleologists of Russia Yevgeny Breakkov.
′′ On August 3, at 4:00 a speleological group of the Perov club from Moscow, which has been working in the Verevkin cave, found the body of a tourist. First they saw some rope on the entrance well, found some things in the cave, and at a depth of 1100 meters on the rope hung the human body ", he said.
According to Snedkov, it was possible to determine that the deceased was a tourist by his equipment, which did not correspond to the complexity of the cave and route. The man could not have enough strength and experience to overcome a difficult plot.
Moreover, he emphasized, descent into such caves alone is a gross violation of safety equipment. Speleologists have not found any identification documents. Sneedkov suggested that the tragedy most likely occurred in summer or fall last year.
The Union of Speleologists of Russia informed the Ministry of Emergencies of Abkhazia about the detection of a human body in the Verevkin cave.
′′ It is necessary to find the documents and relatives of this person. They need to say what to do next. Usually try to pull the body to the surface, but from such depths it is very difficult to do so. This will require between 50 and 100 qualified speleologists. There are quite dangerous places and plots in the cave where it is simply impossible to drag stretchers with a body ", said Snedkov.
He added that the members of the Union of Speleologists of Russia are preparing for departure to Abkhazia if they are asked by rescuers of the Republic.
In August 2020, speleologist Pavel Demidov died when descending into a cave on Mount Arbaik. His body was removed from a depth of about 300 meters. As Sneedkov told, in that case the task was not from lungs either, but not that much.
The Verevkin cave, located on the Gagra ridge in Abkhazia, is considered the deepest in the world. In 2018, during the next expedition, Russian speleologists descended to the mark of 2212 meters.

That is a very bizarre story!
And makes me grateful that tourists around here only manage to get stuck in Thors cave and Giants, and not 1100m deep......



--- Quote from: Badlad on August 05, 2021, 01:44:56 pm ---Suicide?

--- End quote ---

Bit of effort to go 1.1km deep, solo, for that. From the sound of the article it makes it seem nearly impossible for them to have made it on their own.


--- Quote ---Suicide?
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Or just a candidate for the Darwin awards?


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