Sewage dumping to be allowed

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Apparently the rules on waste water treatment have been relaxed due to a shortage of chemicals to treat the effluent. Another victory over that pesky EU, making us clean up our rivers and beaches...
Luckily most caves are above the line of sewage discharge, but not all (Slaughter Stream etc...). Mines may be subject to dumping, with places like the Great County Adit already acting to a certain extent as a main sewer. Some people also visit culverts and sewers in the bigger cities (Megatron etc) and these seem likely to be affected.
Be aware of more cases of Weils disease and perhaps bad air. The winning continues

Could certainly bring in lots of bad air into the system . We have a local iron mine where this Happens get lots of storm drain run of into it with the rotten vegetation the gas affects can be life threatening is a serious issue when it happens .


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Be aware of more cases of Weils disease and perhaps bad air. The winning continues

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Totally unconnected and going off-topic, but having been hospitalised with Weils Diesease earlier this year, which I'm 99% certain was contracted in work, I can assure you all that it is WORSE than the hype.  :o

Take it seriously!

Yep! My wife contracted some horrible infection that we think was Weil's Disease, although it was never formally proven; anyway, as a result she was hospitalized for more than a week (longer than the 6 days I spent in hospital after open-heart surgery!).

But – 'Sewage dumping to be allowed' – this in what is still, in spite of everything, one of the richest countries in the world?

I would be interested to hear some alternatives?

Poo less?



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