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Yorkshire 3 peaks and 3 caves?

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I'm planning a challenge for next year and I'm after recommendations of caves around each peak. I'm pretty set on bar pot to GG main shaft for Ingleborough.
Penyghent pot sounds good but a very hard trip in its own right. So I'm undecided about that one.

As for whernside, what would you do? Yordas? Kingsdale?

Any advice greatly recieved

Ian Ball:
King Pot


Ian Ball:
My fave in Kingsdale is Simpson Pot

I enjoyed the "3 Peaks - 3 Pathetic Pots" trip done by a member of ULSA and (I believe) a first-time caver a few years ago.

Pen-y-Ghent Summit/Calf Holes through trip; Ingleborough Summit/Sunset Hole; Whernside/Yordas Middle-to-Bottom (there weren't any caves deemed pathetic enough situated on the actual flanks of Whernside).

They only took a chocolate bar each and the fresher was hallucinating about sausages and onions on the final stretch.


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