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How severe is the risk of flooding in the West Kingsdale cave Rift Pot?
Would like to give it a try.
Ian B.

Pass.. Not heard anything about it only what I've read..

Northern Caves says nothing about flood risk but CNCC handbook says "entrance crawl responds quickly to heavy rain" and CNCC rigging guide claims "..in times of moderate rain the crawl between the first and second pitches becomes impassable, the water also backs up as it meets the physical constrictions caused by cavers bodies".


A few years since I did this one but I remember the crawl between the first and second pitches starting as a flat out crawl in a 4 or 5 foot wide bedding plane (we took our SRT rigs off). This is why the description states
--- Quote ---"the water also backs up as it meets the physical constrictions caused by cavers bodies"[\quote]. As you get closer to the second pitch it becomes a narrow vertical rift, awkward to rig the second pitchead but there is a small chamber just before this in which to gear back up. However almostr immediately the pitch open out into a good size shaft (Route 66?). The only other thing I remember is that the last rebelay brought us right back under a smal waterfall

Can't really remember the weather, but the only water we encountered was below the last rebelay. However there was plenty of water in Long Churn the next day and we decided not to do Diccan and went down via  Dolly Tubs/Bridge instead.
--- End quote ---

The cncc guide is what has made me dubious to go into the cave.  Without being a master of the weather, responds quickly and becomes impassable sounds good enough to stay away but the bottom pitch looks great fun!
Maybe we will first just have to go and have a look, (where finding it will become an issue!)
Many thanks,
Ian B.

There was a major epic with flooding once when the entrance shaft was being dug, since the I have not heard of any problems. As far as I know the crawl is always OK and although the Route 66 pitch can be wet it should be passable.

The crawl through to the Eldon extensions in Large Pot has sumped off in the past.

Take care. Have fun the big stuff is certainly the best passage I have helped explore in the Dales! Fond memories ah.


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