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Pasture Gill Pot


Cumbrian Neil:
I'm think that I might like to go down this little Wharfedale/Langstrothdale (not East Kingsdale as first reported) gem.  But, last time I was there we aborted the trip at the bottom of the fourth pitch.  The way on from this point appeared ambiguous as I remember.  We followed the downstream passage, but came to an abrupt halt at a descending fissure to the right or a squeeze through blocks at head height.  What's the deal?  Was the way on obvious or is there something we missed? Or... did a nice pint of Dent at the Marton Arms convince us that the way on was an ascent out of the cave  :oops: ?  Anyone been there recently to offer an opinion?

Cumbrian Neil.


Are you sure you mean Pasture Gill Pot as Pasture Gill Pot is in Upper Wharfedale/ Langstrothsale, sort of opposite Langstroth Pot.


Matthew Setchfield (StarlessRiver)

Cumbrian Neil:
Yes, I did mean Pasture Gill Pot in Wharfedale/Langstrothdale.... oooops.... I was thinking of Growling at the same time which was never bottomed either due to nasty looking parba type bolts at the head of the big pitch.

Thanks for pointing out my locality slip.

Cumbrian Neil.


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