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Greg Jones:
The Forest of Dean is a wonderful part of Britain, located on the English/Welsh border, about 15 miles south-west of Gloucester.
It was once famously dismissed as "not worth a special visit" by a caving author (can't remember who), but a lot has changed since he wrote those lines. The area boasts the tenth longest cave in Britain with the Wet-Sink/ Slaughter Stream Cave system; the well-acclaimed prettiest cave in Britain with Otter Hole; and some of the most arduous caves in Britain with Ban-Y-Gor and Cross-Joints Swallett.
The area is also famous for it's extensive networks of old iron mines; which range from bone-dry, gently dipping systems such as Old-Ham and Old-Bow; to steeply inclined and very wet systems, as at Perseverance and Wigpool.
If you haven't been to the Forest then please pay us a visit. Don't be put off by talk of restrictive access arrangements, all it takes is a phone call to Dave Tuffley on 01594 824343. Wet-Sink/Slaughter and Otter Hole have seperate arrangements.
The Forest has a lot to offer, and is most definitely worth a "special visit".

Slaughter is one of the best trips in the UK for variety and entertainment IMHO. The FoD guys have worked hard over the years to find some caves in an apparent barren area that most people wrote off...

It's a great place, and when I moved house it was a toss up between the FoD and the Peaks....tough call...

Problem with the FOD is the FE and they are gate gate gate gate gate gate gate, oh and lets gate that badger hole too!

Greg Jones:

--- Quote from: c**tplaces on July 14, 2006, 02:19:00 pm ---Problem with the FOD is the FE and they are gate gate gate gate gate gate gate, oh and lets gate that badger hole too!

--- End quote ---

I cannot argue with Darkplaces that Forest Enterprise do insist on gating old mines, and the majority of new digs; BUT they are quite friendly and helpful when it comes to starting new digs on FE land. As far as I am aware, within our Club nobody has been refused permission to open a dig in the Forest. They are pretty good about vehicle access as well, so don't be too hard on them.

Try getting permission to take your car onto the allotment!

Compared to the dispicable behaviour that has taken place at Cwmystwyth, the Forest is a very friendly and easy-going place to enjoy your hobby.

Cap'n Chris:
IMHO gating is probably going to become more commonplace everywhere* as a predictable reaction to concerns over liability.

*Except perhaps in Yorkshire where danger and risk are words which seem to have no meaning.


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