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What type of Camera?


There's the possibility that we may be bought a serious camera to record our underground activities.  Although disposables are okay for what they are, for publicitiy stills we are looking for a tougher bigger flash, waterproof etc camera for as cheap as possible.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

I'm a bit of a cave photography virgin myself, but have been playing with a sony digital cam. The nice thing about digital is you can check your results on the spot, but the downsides are a lack of control over your pics, unless you can afford the proper digital slr's that are appearing now.

Any on-camera flash will suffer badly from reflected fog from steam and breath, especially in small passages, so a detatchable flash or alternative lighting is a must. I can recommend having a read around the uk cave photography group webpages.

Whatever you go for, I can thoroughly recommend a Pelican "peli-case" to keep it in. These cases are fully watertight, float, and are tough as old boots.

Thank you indeed.  I will admit that it looks expensive to get involved with photography at a level which makes things exciting, and not being that interested in photography above ground, I am looking for a cheap option.  I suppose a good trek around Oxfam would be a good idea.


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