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Bizar speleo accident with airflow in a cave


The following report is handling a strange accident in a cave in France.

In a nutshell : the caver(s) where sucked in and blown out some passages in the cave due to the airflow in the cave.

It's a blow job cave

Just found this report. Shows the dangers of exploring coastal caves in rough weather as essentially they were exploring a system very near the coast that dropped through constrictions into a sea cave. The pair of cavers were approaching the bottom of the system close to the sea when the wave surge compressed the air at the back of the  sea cave section and blasted it out through the constriction with sufficient force to throw one explorer around and concuss him! I know one diver who had a similar experience when he made the mistake of diving into a submerged cave that opened into a blow hole. He managed to get back out after being rammed up the passage rather forcibly! I don't think we have extensive enough systems near the coast for this to happen to cavers but worth a thought if you are exploring  new coastal cave in Ireland Scotland or Wales.


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