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Does anyone have any good images of visible plastic pollution in caves? I'm not thinking solely of plastic left there by cavers, but more of stuff that has been washed into a cave from the outside. Images from any cave anywhere in the world, please say where they are from.

I'd like to use them in something I'm writing about plastic pollution in remote places. If you're happy for me to use a photo you post here for this purpose (I will credit you of course) then I'd be extremely grateful.

And if anyone knows of any studies that have been done into plastic pollution, and specifically microplastic pollution, in caves, then I'd be very grateful if you could direct me to them :)

Pete K:
I don't have any pics I'm afraid, but I often use a very cheap UV light in places like Giant's Hole to show groups the microplastics that are on every surface. They generally take the form of tiny fibres that are impossible to see under normal lighting conditions but are clearly visible under UV. It's been a great way of educating kids and adults as to what the term microplastics really means.
I'd offer to go out and take some pics for you, but we'd need to wait until lockdown is over if that is not too late for you.

Hi Pete, thanks for that. I'd certainly like to see some pictures once we can return to caves if you're still keen!

No photographs, I'm afraid, but now that Bojo will soon be letting us off our leash a trip into Goyden with a camera would produce dividends. Mostly farming feed sacks, but with a fair assortment of other material that has been washed in from the few habitations upstream.

I have been involved in microplastics research and when we were down Notts Pot before Cov 19 I was waiting at a pitch head and noticed a dry hollowed out rock-pool which was full of fine gravel. Mixed into it was a very photogenic assortment of different coloured very fine microplastic particles.

Was going to go back with a sample vial and camera and use this as in presentations as a novel example. Then the world went mad.

I am not aware of any studies done specifically in caves so you are definitely barking up the right tree here.


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