Sometimes The Roof Is Safer On The Floor.

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The Old Ruminator:
Usual Tuesday larking about.

P7210055 - Copy by Nicholas Chipchase, on Flickr

P7210052 - Copy by Nicholas Chipchase, on Flickr

Impressive. Was that all a flat-out crawl to begin with? ;)

The Old Ruminator:
Next time a photo of the roof actually on the floor. As ever more caving photos on the forum, please.

Duck ditch:
It reminds me of a time when we were banging the roof off a sump.  I still cant get my head round Whether  we were just displacing the water upwards or not.   :doubt:

It looks like one the of the Bath stone mines on a very bad hair day.

Are you capping that keystone? You know, like with a hammer? Or are you on the end of a wire?


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