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So we've recently moved from a squalid muddy dig we aptly named The Gulag to a lovely dry one.
This is great, except I now sweat like a horse in a glue factory as I swing the mattock like some self-interned labour camp inmate. But at least I can tell my hands from my tools and Luke can't bury another crowbar of mine.

I'm toying with the idea of getting myself a cheap overall to leave at the dig, my concern being mould/ rot. Presumably a 100% polyester overall would be ok, but any I've come across have at least some cotton in them.

Has anyone done this? Any ideas?

Solutions I've considered but discarded:
a) Take the top of oversuit off -done it, but not great for the undersuit with rock contact
b) Get a more breathable oversuit - what am I, made of money? Also, the way to the dig can be quite wet.
c) Take an overall in and out with me - If I had to, but it's a bit of a way and I'm lazy

Have you tried adjusting your layers underneath the oversuit.  Use several and take a few off at the dig.  Or..  try a lighter weight oversuit such as an Alp.  In years and years of digging I haven't come across anyone leaving a different  oversuit at the dig site - yet! :dig:

Simon Beck:
If it helps, I've always reminded myself I'm not mean't to be comfortable, but having left stuff myself I'm saying nope, when it's long term.

Ian Ball:
I've an old red XL one you can have, a Beaver suit from Bernies bought about 2005.  I ripped the back seam about ten minutes into wearing it so it's more like a jacket and trousers, should keep you cool ;-)

Thanks all for the input!

Badland - I've already gone for my thinnest undersuit to try and compensate, but think it's the waterproof-ish nature of the AV that makes things sweaty. You're right that the Alp would be better suited here, but it's the £130 that is the problem (mainly because my descender and harness need replacing, plus every penny saved is pretty much going into the dig  ;D :dig:).

But you've made me reconsider this and there's a middle ground I might try. Go in the AV, wear bibs and a scratty old top. So when I take the top of the AV off my "undersuit" top will get trashed, but it won't matter.

Simon - fair, I don't overly mind suffering as long as there's a point. So has your experience been that anything left behind just rots/ gets mouldy?

Ian - Fantastic, I'll send you a message!

At least there is an advantage to my sweating. The dig is in a completely fossil part of the cave, and even the bit that gets water a couple of 100m's along doesn't get it very often. So weeing in bottles it is, less so for me because I just sweat it out.


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