Using an Endoscope

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The Old Ruminator:
Not for anything biological you understand.  ::) I get all sorts of techy nonsense popping up on Facebook and this was one of them. At around £50 I thought I would give it a go. Well I must admit it works quite well and would have a use in cave digging. An adjustable light, 2m of cable ( you can get up to 10m ) and provision for a micro card to record video. Also a rechargeable battery. Best thing is that the screen gives real time viewing. I have a suitable project  coming along soon so we shall see.

Judi Durber:
Nick,  the first bit you are holding I am guessing to be the camera, light & electronics.  How long is it?

Would it go through a wall, brick, and be able to flex into the cavity ?

Mark Wright:
I bought this one a few months ago for a work application and I'm well impressed for the price. Mine is about 3.5m long.

The camera and light can either point straight or at 90 degrees meaning they are excellent for looking into a wall cavity.


For caving applications, you might find it a bit too floppy to direct it round a series of curves or corners (or over and under boulders). Using an external stiffener at your end (eg a smooth walled pipe - could be straight or slightly curved) might help you direct it and allow you to penetrate further. Years ago, when endoscopes were fairly primitive, we experimented with a similar system for negotiating the first few curves of the lower bowel which seemed to help. I don't know if they're still used medically - I haven't used a colonoscope for over 20 years.

The Old Ruminator:
Get it here:


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