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Ian Adams:
After following the link in the the voting email and clicking yes, no, abstain etc on the various proposals ... they all seemed to bugger off into the aether at the end.

I realise that, after voting, you cannot go back and re-vote BUT is it possible to see the motions (especially the wording) that we were voting on?

Is there a link anywhere?



Motions found in summary on this page
And found in full in the AGM Agenda linked to on the same web page.

Ian Adams:
Thanks for that swift reply ...

What I am trying to locate is the wording of this;

6) Update to the Equality and Diversity Policy (widening it from applying to employees to members)

Specifically, the wording  (which is absent from the link to be BCA eAGM)

Ian Adams:
I have now found it;

Proposal 6
Update to the Equality and Diversity Policy
To update the equality and inclusion policy and align it with the policies and set up of the
Under purpose insert the following wording: For the purpose of this document members refers to
any individual, club, access control body, constituent body or employee.
Under equality and diversity section add the following wording: There are six types of
discrimination set out in the Equality Act 2010 and this policy covers all of them (in conjunction
with the association's bullying and harassment policy).
Direct discrimination – where someone is treated less favourably than another person because of
a protected characteristic.
Associative discrimination – this is direct discrimination against someone because they are
associated with another person who possesses a protected characteristic.
Discrimination by perception – this is direct discrimination against someone because others think
that they possess a particular protected characteristic. They do not necessarily have to possess the
characteristic, just be perceived to.
Indirect discrimination – this can occur when you have a rule or policy that applies to everyone
but disadvantages a person with a particular protected characteristic.
Harassment – this is behaviour that is deemed offensive by the recipient. Employees can now
complain of the behaviour they find offensive even if it is not directed at them. Victimisation –
this occurs when someone is treated badly because they have made or supported a complaint or
grievance under this legislation.
Point 9 needs to be bulleted points as part of point 8, as it's just listing the protected
characteristics. Point 10 should change employees to members. Point 11 should read 'No form of
intimidation, bullying or harassment will be tolerated. If you believe that you or anyone else may
have suffered discrimination because of any of the protected characteristics, you should consider
following the complaints procedure of the association'. Point 13: replace employees with
Arguments for:
The existing equality and diversity policy was a great base for a policy, but needed slight tweaks
to line this up with the association, and to set out clearly exactly what is covered under the policy
for avoidance of doubt.
Proposed by Josh White (14859), seconded by Rostam Namaghi (10644)

Ian Adams:
I have no clue or understanding what, if any, wording already exists and what we are actually supposed to be voting on.

Whilst I am having a "moan", I also didn't understand anything about what we were supposed to be voting for on section 10.1 and the ballet questions were impenetrable.

Obviously folk who know what is going on will know but folk on the fringe (who also don't do "tech") have virtually no chance.

It's obviously too late to complain (so this is just a basic whinge) but the first opportunity to "not know what the fook is going on" presented itself when the ballot email arrived. I know it can be said that the AGM minutes etc were available but I couldn't find them and when I did, there is way too much confusion for an ordinary man/woman/non-binary/whatever to be able to decipher the code.

Let the stoning commence.



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